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Thanks You Rock!

Being a senior in college can be pretty hectic. Combine that with being self employed, taking Kung–Fu lessons, and performing in a professional rock band can leave very little time for anything else. Mr. Gaynor was up for the challenge I gave him a book bag of all my information. He informed me quickly that I had a loan that was not allowing me to gain positive equity. I needed a payment that would allow me to stay within my budget. Mr. Gaynor took his time and educated me through the entire process. He combined both my mortgages, and got me lower rate through a program that builds positive equity. I can concentrate on other tasks now, and my overall quality of life has improved tremendously. I was so impressed with his ingenuity and professionalism that I referred him to my Kung-Fu instructor. Thank you Mr. Gaynor you are more than just a broker, you are teacher, and trusted friend you rock!!

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That's all have to say when dealing with Mr. Gaynor, he was extremely patient with me and my wife. We had an especially high mortgage payment and it was becoming hard to make the payments. We are from India and did not understand all of the ins and outs of refinancing a home. Mr. Gaynor stepped right in, represented us, and explained all of the detailed paperwork, patiently and completely. Many brokers gave up on us, but Mr. Gaynor stuck in there with us! He kept us informed and up to date through frequent phone calls and interactions. He was also able to keep our spirits high through the often stressful process. In the end Mr Gaynor combined both of our mortgages and got us the rate we needed to improve our quality life.

We thank you Mr. Gaynor we are more than willing to spread the word of your impeccable service!

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Like many other homeowners

We knew that at some point we would consider refinancing, and we firmly believe that the LORD had us to respond to Mr. Gaynor. By way of the telephone and among the numerous telemarketer's calls and messages (usually approximately 5-10 per day), my wife and I received Mr. Gaynor's call. Something stood out about him almost immediately. We knew that it was his business to make money by brokering loans. We had message after message and call after call that were promises of lowering our mortgage payment. However, he gave us the impression that he was not just interested in selling a product, but to really provide the best product that was available for us as customers. In addition, he made it clear that he considered our business relationship to be a relationship that would go beyond deciding on a product and signing closing documents.

We knew when we wanted to refinance, so we gave ourselves about two months to research and complete this process. Mr. Gaynor made a commitment to us that he would find the best product available for us. Because this was not our first time getting a loan for a house, we had questions, concerns and ideas and we posed them to Mr. Gaynor as they came up. Mr. Gaynor never tried to rush us through anything, and would spend as much time as we needed/wanted to make sure that we understood all of our options. Mr. Gaynor never attempted to sell us a product that could be more costly to us in the long run or that did not fit our objectives just to try and close a deal and move on to the next customer. As mentioned before, we'd gone through this process and had exchanged ideas, thoughts and desires. One such possibility was waiving the Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI). Mr. Gaynor provided us with information and websites that he thought would provide what we needed to know and encouraged us to run a goggle search on ""PMI"" to get more information. After weeks of discussions and researching the options available to us, we settled on a loan with "lender paid PMI", even though the interest rate was a little higher than other loans for which we could have qualified. We closed on the loan and everything at our closing went according to what we had negotiated with Mr. Gaynor.

Just prior to our first payment being due, we received a statement from the bank indicating that we were being assessed an additional (approximately) 12% for PMI (which is a significant addition to the loan we negotiated and different from what was disclosed). Immediately, we contacted Mr. Gaynor. Mr. Gaynor remained in contact with us every step of the way to provide status and give guidance on actions we needed to take. At a point, it became necessary for Mr. Gaynor's superiors to get involved. It was clearly obvious to us that his superiors elected not to try and correct the problem when all calls and e-mails stopped. Mr. Gaynor stayed involved and sacrificed his job to stand by the commitment he made to us. He actually lost his job because he was committed to keep his promise to us that he would be with us to assure that we got the product upon which we agreed. Mr. Gaynor made sacrifices to assure that everyone involved (and we did have to get outside agencies involved) had the information they needed to finally resolve the issue.

It took more time to resolve this issue than it did for us to negotiate and settle on the loan with Mr. Gaynor. Mr. Gaynor could have easily disappeared after losing his job and gone away. Mr. Gaynor's commitment after the closing resulted in us finally getting the loan we agreed upon and being reimbursed everything that we had paid in addition to our negotiated payment.
Mr. Gaynor proved to be a hardworking man of his word.
Bobbye A. and Marietta W. Mathews

I was introduced to Mr. Gaynor from my best friend Bria Washington who was simply ecstatic about her new home purchase. She said Mr. Gaynor helped her every step of the way ensuring nothing was left out about her mortgage. I got my house from winning a housing lottery. Upon working with Mr. Gaynor I noticed quickly he is very detailed. He gives you a plethora of options making it easy to make an intelligent decision. I was not expecting to laugh and have fun with this experience. Thank you for all your guidance and help. I will be sending referrals your way!

I usually don't take phone calls from people I don't know. Mr. Gaynor is that exception. He came across very smooth & professional. I live In Maine. Mr. Gaynor called me from Maryland. Most phone calls I get people are trying to sell me. Mr. Gaynor took the time to build a relationship with me and was very patient. Giving your date of birth and social security number over the phone is not easy to do. Mr. Gaynor walked me through his website and places to check to ensure his business was registered in the state of Maryland. I trusted Mr. Gaynor with my financial information. He brought my Interest rate down on my refinance and save me $500.00 a month on my mortgage payment! Thank you Mr. Gaynor for all of your hard work.

We were looking for a mortgage for an Investment property. A lot of lenders rejected us Mr. Gaynor stayed with us through the process keeping us motivated. What separates Mr. Gaynor form other people we have dealt with is how he handles himself under pressure. He has a very focused approach on his clients goals . Mr. Gaynor did eventually get a mortgage for our Investment property. We were excited about the terms our deal. We have recommended Mr. Gaynor to all of our family and friends.